Friday, August 14, 2015

Oblivion Day 34 - The Lost Souls

1 Frost Fall, 3E433
Imperial Bridge Inn

I found myself in Oblivion once again today, but on an entirely different task than usual. The innkeeper of the Imperial Bridge Inn had mentioned a nearby Daedric shrine, so I decided to visit it on my way back south to close the Oblivion Gates.

The shrine was to Peryite, a Daedric Prince I know little about, but the innkeeper told me that the worshipers there seemed like decent folk, so I hoped it would be a somewhat safer bet with Peryite as opposed to the capricious Nocturnal.

The shrine was easy to find, but as I approached I realized something was very wrong: none of the worshipers were moving! When I got close, I dismounted and realized that all of them appeared to be asleep on their feet. As I approached the shrine looking for some clue as to what happened, a booming voice filled my head.
The Prince's story was a fairly amusing one: his followers managed to separate their souls from their bodies while trying to summon him to them and they were stuck in a state of almost-death. Peryite asked me to travel into Oblivion and rescue his followers' souls so that they might learn the folly of trying to summon a Daedric Prince at their whim. Having a considerable amount of experience with Oblivion I readily agreed.

Peryite's little corner of Oblivion was much the same as I have experienced, only the sky was simply overcast as opposed to oppressive.
Scamps, Clannfear, and two Dremora made up the populace, nothing I am not accustomed to facing. The souls of Peryite's worshipers were each "standing" near an open bonfire, making it easy to see where they were from any elevated location. Once I had rescued all of the wayward souls, the Daedric Prince spoke to me again telling me to return to where I had started. There a blue gate awaited me, assuredly back to the mortal Plane.
My reward was the thanks of the worshipers and a shield from the Daedric Prince. I do not know what it does, but I am hoping it satisfies Martin's requirement for a Daedric artifact.

By the time I was back on this Plane it was later into the evening than I thought it would be, so I have retired back to the Imperial Bridge Inn. Tomorrow I shall close the Oblivion Gates south of me, then proceed to Cheydinhal.

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