Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oblivion Day 33 - Along the Lonesome Road

30 Heartfire, 3E433
Imperial Bridge Inn

My time in Leyawiin was short-lived. I had expected to spend the day tracking down the city's Mythic Dawn agent, but this morning the agent revealed himself for me.
The man was identified as Cingor, a Bosmer with the local Fighter's Guild who styled himself a sort of crime-fighter, patrolling the city himself alongside the city guards. However, when he saw me he yelled that paradise awaited him and unsheathed a war-hammer from his back, charging at me.

Right past two guards.

They yelled at him to stop, but after realizing he was intent on my death, they drew their weapons and dutifully engaged their fellow citizen. With a swordsman at his front and an archer at his back, Cingor stood no chance and fell with two steel arrows planted into his back.
A search of his home revealed the expected "Commentaries" volume of the Mythic Dawn and satisfied that the city was clear of their malevolence I set off for Cheydinhal. 

The road between Leyawiin and Cheydinhal is the longest between any two cities in the province and was not particularly well-traveled during my previous time in the province, people largely preferring to go through Bravil instead. The resulting privacy is well-suited for some folks, Cingor one of them, as I found out, as well as worshipers of Nocturnal whose roadside shrine I passed by. I may visit the shrine tomorrow to see if I can receive a boon from the Daedric Prince.

Further up the road I found an Oblivion Gate, which I closed, but then I found a second one, then a third, then a fourth! Cingor had apparently been busy. It was too late in the day for me to consider closing anything other than the first Gate, so I marked the latter three on my map and will be returning to them at a later date.

I also encountered my first Spriggan since my time on Solstheim years ago and she (it?) was no less a capable opponent as her cousins on that frozen island, but fortunately she came alone and I had no trouble.

After finding  the fourth gate I figured there would be more ahead and that I was just setting myself up for a lot of work come tomorrow by pushing forward to Cheydinhal. Fortunately there is a small Inn along the road halfway between the cities that serves as a good place for me to temporary base myself while I plan on taking on the opened Gates. The innkeeper also informed me that there is a nearby Daedric shrine to Peryite that I may also visit, though I do not know much about Peryite as I do Nocturnal.

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