Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oblivion Day 29 - Counter-Assault on Oblivion, Part 4

25 Heartfire, 3E433

As I have been doing lately, I woke very early in the morning to give myself enough time to ride from Skingrad to Anvil while also leaving extra time for any Gates encountered on my way. I anticipated finding many Gates around the ruined city of Kvatch, but as I passed the blackened city only one Gate made an appearance along the road.
The Gate led me to the smaller world which required that I stumble around a gradually ascending cave system which led to the plane's Tower, fighting Scamps and Clannfear the entire way. Waking up early paid off though, for when I stood before the destroyed Gate it was still early in the morning, though the sun had risen. As I trudged back up the hill towards the road I heard the sounds of combat in front of me. By the time I got to the road it was already over; a Legionnaire was standing over the bodies of the Scamps the Gate's destruction had driven away. He greeted me cordially and told me that the Legion was sending what troops it could spare to the locations of known Gates, not to close them, but to slay the Daedra as they emerged. That takes a little of the burden off of my shoulders, though it will do nothing to stop additional Gates from emerging.

A second Gate lay on a hill overlooking the city and must have been quite a sight for the city's residents at night. This is keeping with what I have already seen: two or three Gates opened close to each city by cultists stationed within the cities.
Curiously this gate also led to the same world as the Gate near Kvatch did, only somehow with the Clannfear, Scamps, and Dremora alive and well. I suppose it is possible that each Gate is connected to a separate, tiny piece of Oblivion instead of a few select locations as I originally suspected, but whatever the case I still had to fight my way through the caves for a second time today.

I have been noticing as of late that my reserve of Magicka energy has been regenerating itself. At first it was a slow thing and I thought little of it, but now I can cast a simple Illusion spell and feel just as refreshed in a few minutes as if I had slept for several hours. I can only assume this has something to do with Dagoth Ur's so-called "Divine Disease" and is a secret I will be very sure to keep to myself.

Closing Anvil's Gate turned out to be a very profitable venture for me. On the body of one Dremora I found an amulet enchanted powerfully enough that I cannot determine what it actually will do when worn. The local Mages Guild will be able to tell me what the enchantment is and it will be quite powerful, whatever it is.

Like Skingrad's gate, Anvil's was opened over a shrine, utterly destroying it.
The Gate itself was nothing special and night had fallen by the time it was destroyed. The gate guards had watched me charge into the Gate and gratefully let me in despite the late hour. Only guards were walking around inside, so I went to the Mages Guild where one of the members congratulated me on eliminating the threat to the city. 

No one else was awake, so I have secured an empty bed and will spend a day or so in Anvil before riding all the way to Bravil. One of the things I will be seeking to do at each city is to try to root out the cultists that have been opening the gates. The brazen attack on myself at Skingrad proves that they are still here, I just need to find a way to bring them to me.

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