Monday, July 20, 2015

Oblivion Day 26 - Counter-Assault on Oblivion, Part 1

22 Heartfire, 3E433

"Modern Heretics" was less helpful than I had been hoping for. It did provide the location of Azura's shrine, but neglected the other Princes save for the advice to ask wandering woodsman if they knew of a shrine's location. At any rate, I think I am not yet ready to curry the favor of a Daedric Prince, but I certainly am ready to thwart the attempts of one to conquer the province.

While leaving Bruma I happened to find a Daedric shrine of my own, this one dedicated to Namira. What little I know of Namira is that she is known as the 'Lady of Decay' and is associated with bugs and beggars. Something like that. She found no worship in Morrowind that I can remember, but she appears more popular in Cyrodiil, with three worshipers tending to the shrine as I approached.
They were a curt, unfriendly bunch and I did not bother to ask them about their shrine or any others. Continuing towards Chorrol I stopped along the road to speak with an Imperial soldier who angrily declared that his post was patrolling the roads and not assaulting the Gates that each city now warily boasted. I assured him that I was going to Chorrol with the intention of entering the city's Gate and closing it and he wished me luck before continuing on what likely seemed like a pointless task. Still, there are many who depend on the roads and keeping them safe is no small feat, even if it seems like that is not successfully being done any longer.

Chorrol's Gate was conveniently wedged inside of a ruined tower just outside of the city, but no Daedra were wandering outside of it as I expected. Perhaps the guards or other adventurers had already taken care of them. Unhindered, I stepped through the gate, confident that I would find nothing unusual beyond it.

I did not. This gate sent me to the larger of the Oblivion planes with numerous gates that needed a visit to each of the small towers in order to open. Once the gates were open I gained entrance to the larger tower, fought my way to the top, and claimed another Stone, closing the gate. The garrisons are definitely getting more difficult. This gate hosted Scamps far larger than the ones I have been facing so far as well as Clannfear and Dremora much more impressively armed. Still, I had no great difficulty, but I fear it will only become increasingly difficult as my enemy's desperation or confidence grows.
Everyone I spoke with in Chorrol thanked me to an almost embarrassing amount for closing the Gate. The guards were especially shameless in their thanks, for it almost fell on them to descend into the Gate. Inexperienced as they are, I do not think they would have met with success. I accepted Seed-Neeus's offer of a few techniques for better bartering and spent three hours under her instruction learning these "few" techniques. 

I have since retired to the Mages Guild, well after everyone else has gone to sleep. Tomorrow I shall be resuming my journey around the entire province (for a second time!), but at least I can console myself that my reason now is less self-serving.

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