Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oblivion Day 20 - The Harrowing Ride to Cheydinhal

16 Heartfire, 3E433

My stop at Bravil proved fruitful: I left the guild with three Illusion spells to try out during the long trip to Cheydinhal, one to send my enemies into a senseless rage, another to make myself seem charming, and a third to simply allow me to see in the dark, though my Khajiit eyes do that well enough already. It is however the easier spell of the three and I bought it solely to practice my spell-casting with.

Before starting for Cheydinhal there was the small matter of the Oblivion gate I had found yesterday between Bravil and Leyawiin. I woke early to give myself enough time to close the gate and still arrive at Cheydinhal. While leaving Bravil I noticed a small island in the bay that had a stone on it that strongly resembled a head. Perhaps it is a shrine of some sort, but it is not of any interest to me, at least right now.
The gate was identical to one I had already closed: three towers, two small and one large. Entering one small tower enabled passageway into the second small tower, which in turn led into the large one and the Oblivion Stone. The Dremora seem to be increasing in numbers and the Scamps are decreasing, but I do not yet know if this is a sign of a permanent change or not.

After closing that gate I turned around and started towards Cheydinhal, expecting a very long trip. On my way I passed two Oblivion gates in close succession, each just off of the road leading to the crossroads to the Imperial City or Cheydinhal.

I was not even halfway done with my ride to the city, so I marked them on my map for later attention. As a result of their proximity and my temporary ignorance of them, I spent quite some time under a very ugly, very red sky which appeared to not bother any of the three bandits whom tried to kill me for my horse.
Other than their poor attempts at murder and horse-thievery I had no trouble during the ride, but still arrived at the gates of Cheydinhal just before midnight, having been distracted by the closing of the first gate, the discovery of the other two, and combat with three desperate individuals.

I took a room at the nearest Inn and will be presenting myself to the local Guild tomorrow. All I have left after this is Bruma, then I should finally have access to the knowledge of the University to better understand the nature of the enemy I am continually facing.

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