Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oblivion Day 27 - Counter-Assault on Oblivion, Part 2

23 Heartfire, 3E433

The morning started out very early, 2AM, just so that I would have more than enough time to reach Skingrad before the day was out. It was a notion born of hope and desperation given the number of Gates that have been opening.

I may have closed the gate immediately outside Chorrol, but I was not more than ten minutes into my ride to Skingrad when I came upon another Gate.
Annoyingly, the area the Gate led me to required that I descend into a series of caves and work my way through them, eventually ending up back outside and in front of the tower holding the Sigil Stone. Khajiit are not cave-dwellers and I felt as though the earth was closing in on me as I fought through Scamps and Clannfear. The oppressive red light emitting from every carved surface certainly did not help. My anxiety was soothed somewhat by finding a robe powerfully enchanted with a Shield enchantment, but it is a pity the robe itself is cheap and uncomfortable and not likely to replace the red velvet garments I wear now.

As I wrote yesterday, the garrisons within Oblivion have been getting stronger. I faced three Dremora at once in the Sigil room, one well-armed and armored, one not so much, and one was a mage of some kind.
By the time I found myself back in Cyrodiil it was late in the morning, but I still had enough time to get to Skingrad before dark. So naturally I came upon a second Gate only a few minutes ride past the one I had just closed.
This Gate led me to the small world with the two towers that each held a lock at the top of them, which unlocked a bridge to the main tower where the Sigil stone was held. It was not as heavily guarded as the first Gate was, but I did encounter my first Flame Atronach in many years within this Gate.
Unfortunately it was late into the evening when I left the second Gate, much too late to ride to Skingrad, especially if there were even more Gates ahead of me. So I have returned to Chorrol with the hope that I will be able to be in Skingrad tomorrow and close its Gate.

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