Monday, June 1, 2015

Oblivion Day 7 - Betrayal at Bruma

3 Heartfire, 3E433
Outside Bruma

My stay in Bruma's dungeon was mercifully short and I was released this afternoon just after the guards had eaten lunch. The two theives' stories blamed the other for their joint misfortune, but I felt that Jorundr's story was more believable simply because there was no reason for him to lie: he was probably in jail for the rest of his life.

When I visited Arnora again she was busy practicing some lightning magicka, making it look even more likely that she and not Jorundr killed that guardsman.
Arnora listened patiently to my rendition of Jorundr's story, then dismissed the whole thing by asking how I could stand to share a cell with him at all. Understandably she had an alternative to my killing her: I was to take her amulet to Jorundr, tell him that I killed her for it, and then the two of us would split the quantity of the treasure after he revealed where he had hidden it. I agreed suspecting she was planning on making out with all of it somehow, but I felt confident that if it came to it I could overpower her in combat, lightning or no.

He was overjoyed to see Arnora's amulet in my hands and crowed that someone had finally wiped her grin from her face for good. He explained to me how to find the hidden chest and bid me enjoy it.

But when I arrived at the site there was an angry looking guard there already: Tyrellius. I thought myself in trouble with the law once again, but he started our brief conversation by declaring me a loose end that needed dealing with. He said that he had overheard the conversation I had with Jorundr and freely admitted to killing Arnora before making his way toward the gold. With Anora dead and Jorundr already in jail, there was no one to implicate Tyrellius except for me. Hence the 'loose end'. With a shout, he drew a surprisingly expensive silvered long blade and rushed at me. It did not turn out very well for him.
His unintentional gift of a silvered blade is much appreciated and somewhat sadly, the "treasure" the two thieves were in such knots about turned out to be rather meager: a few short stacks of coins, some imperfect pearls, and two brass rings each with a pearl laid into them. Not worth the deaths it took.

I met the rather dim-witted guard from the murder case while walking to the blacksmith. He stopped to thank me for handling it as well as I did. A messenger is on his way to Skingrad to clear Gelebourne's name for what little good it will do. Imperials do like to keep orderly records of everything, it seems.

Conscious of how close the small Oblivion gate I closed was to the town, I thought it best to explore the wilderness east of the gate to make sure there were no gates spewing out annoying Scamps...or worse. To my surprise, Jauffre and Martin's horses were still idly snorting and stamping outside of the city walls and the smaller of the two allowed me to mount with no complaint, speeding up my exploration and cheering me considerably.

My instinct for danger served me well today. I was still along the main road leading south from the city when I smelled the particular scent of burning rock and grass.
Another gate to Oblivion, but a small one once again. My horse refused to get close to the gate, so I dismounted and picked off the roving Scamps one by one with my bow. I was just about to step through the gate when I glanced up at the red sky and seeing the moon, figured maybe a decent night's sleep would serve me better for now. 

I returned to Olav's Tap and Tack and took a meal and a room for the night. Tomorrow, after a decent rest and a good meal, I will return to the gate and close this one as well. It appears no one else can do this thing, but I am not sure if I am up to defending the entire province by myself.

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