Monday, June 8, 2015

Oblivion Day 10 - Oblivion, Then Shopping

6 Heartfire, 3E433
Tiber Septim Hotel, Imperial City

The gate outside of Roland's cabin was sparsely guarded as usual, but led me to a location in the Plane of Oblivion that I had not seen before. It was no more dangerous for being unknown than the other ones I have vanquished and I believe I closed this gate quicker than the others. Hopefully more gates will send me to this much easier location.
The stones that I am recovering from these gates seem to be enchanted somehow, but I do not know with what or how to use them. Should I find the time, I will have to visit the Arcane University and make some inquiries.

Roland was obviously very happy to hear that the murderer of his lover had been brought to bloody justice and that his own life was no longer in danger. My service convinced him that Seridur's 'Order of the Virtuous Blood' should continue its work, though perhaps more accurately in the future. He said he would return to the Imperial City and speak with the remaining members about joining himself and asked that I stop by to see him there when I get a chance.

I returned to the City as well to do some shopping, mostly selling off the various things I have collected from the Oblivion gates, bandits on the road, and Memorial Cave. Jensine at the 'Good As New' general store asked me to look into the suspicious inventory of one of her competitors and I turned her down assuming it was just a ploy to get more business of her own, but after three other shopkeepers complained about the same merchant, I returned and agreed to speak with the Bosmer Thoronir about where his exceptionally cheap merchandise is coming from. I suspect it is stolen, but I could not get anything out of Thoronir when I spoke with him. I will have to return to the case later on.

Visiting all of the shops in the Market Distract left me with a much fuller purse, a complete set of alchemy equipment of somewhat plain quality, and a red velvet outfit of far better quality than I am accustomed to. When I visited the Order I found that Roland was now in charge of vampire-hunting and gladly paid me two hundred and fifty Septims for each vial of Vampire Dust I had, enriching me greatly. Grey-Throat gifted me his family's ring, the 'Ring of Sunfire', which he said would protect me against vampire spells and disease. Apparently vampire-hunting runs in the Argonian's family.

While leaving the Temple Distract I was stopped by a Dunmer who asked if I had ever been to Morrowind. I had to say yes, of course, and she surprisingly exclaimed how much better life was in Cyrodiil, stating that she deplored how Khajiit and Argonians were treated in her home province. A nice thing to hear, but it felt rather out of character coming from a Dunmer.

The trip from Roland's cabin had already taken up much of the day and my shopping took the rest. It is rare that I am afforded the opportunity to sleep in any sort of luxury, so I am treating myself to a room at the expensive Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza district of the City. I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow, but it may be good to get out of the City and start visiting the other towns in the province. Also, I need to speak with someone regarding these Oblivion stones I am carrying around everywhere.

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