Friday, June 26, 2015

Oblivion Day 18 - Betrayal at Fort Blueblood

14 Heartfire, 3E433

After yesterday's Oblivion gate just outside of the city I thought I had somehow earned a reprieve from the gates for a few days, but that was not to be, nor do I think it shall be for quite some time.

I woke early, not looking forward to the dark walk into the forest to search for the ruins of Fort Blueblood. I fought off several wolves and a wandering gang of Imps before I somehow managed to stumble into the ruins of a fort I assumed was Fort Blueblood.
As usual a group of bandits had taken up residence within the ruins and were in no mood to tell me whether or not I was even in the correct ruin to find Dagail's father's amulet. If I had been in the wrong ruin they would have died for nothing more than a mistake of direction.
On the body of one of the more better-armed bandits I found a key that opened a door into some sort of graveyard that had become infested with Imps. Two bodies indicated that the bandits had either been caught unawares or tried to clear our the infestation, but without success. 
Of the coffins that the bandits managed to unearth before their deaths, one contained nothing more than an amulet, with not even a skeleton to mark the remains of Dagail's father. Only then did I realize with some relief that I actually was in the correct ruin and that my recommendation for the University was assured. As I turned to leave I realized to my chagrin that someone had managed to sneak up behind me, though fortunately this person remained some distance away.

It was Kalthar, the reformed Necromancer from the Mages Guild. He demanded the amulet from me, saying that he had taken the other one thinking it would be enough to force Dagail from the Guild and that my amulet would prevent this from occurring. Somehow he thought that without her amulet Dagail would promote him and leave the Guild, allowing him to leave Leyawiin for the University. Only then would he return the woman's amulet. 

The plan made no sense of course, but neither did confronting someone who just fought her way through a dozen bandits when all you had was an iron dagger and a conjuration spell. He joined the other spirits inhabiting the desecrated, forgotten graves.
While on my walk back to Leyawiin I was surprised by an Oblivion gate standing right where I had freely walked only hours before. I have yet to observe the opening of a gate, but it is apparently a rather quick process.
The gate was right in my way and the day was still early, so I decided to pay Oblivion another all-too-familiar visit. This gate led me to a piece of Oblivion I have already seen three times: a simple island with one large tower accessible via a series of tunnels infested with Scamps. The tower had equal parts Dremora and Scamps, but neither were any difficulty for me. I claimed another stone of unknown power from Oblivion and found myself standing between the smoldering spires of another closed gate.

By then it was late into the night and I was looking forward to reaching Leyawiin, but yet another Gate had opened in my way. Rather than spend the remaining hours of today in Oblivion I simply marked the Gate on my map to tackle tomorrow. 

Dagail was relieved to be able to slip her father's amulet on but her distracted demeanor did not change much after, though her speech improved significantly. She warned me that the voices spoke of me and of my choosing life or death for many people in the times ahead. She also assured me of her recommendation. 

I would be leaving for Cheydinhal except for the gate I left behind today. I cannot in good conscience leave with it still open and I do not think there will be enough time tomorrow to close the gate and make it to Cheydinhal before the day ends. I may close the gate and go back to Bravil instead, but I shall make that decision tomorrow.

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