Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Oblivion Day 14 - Mystery in Anvil

10 Heartfire, 3E433
Brina Cross Inn

A day spent without setting foot in Oblivion is a day increasingly becoming more rare, making the land a much more hazardous place to travel in. Today I made the trip between Skingrad and Anvil, passing the ruined town of Kvatch on my way, a not-so-gentle reminder of what will happen again if I cease to close the gates as I meet them.
Today's gate lay just outside of a inn new enough to be unknown to me and certainly close enough to it to be visible to anyone inside. I do wonder why no one has been summoning the Legion to deal with these things and why it is up to a former Khajiit prisoner to do so. Such is one of the many mysteries of my life, I suppose. The gate itself, by now, bears little mention.
What does is the nature of my business at the Anvil Mages Guild. The head of the local guild is an Altmer named Carahil and unlike at Skingrad she did not treat my presence as something to be merely dealt with. Rather she seemed eager to have me there, even temporarily and assured me my recommendation was certain so long as I was willing to prove able-bodied and willing to learn. 

The matter sounds more serious than what occupied my other recommendations. Merchants have been found dead along the Gold Road and the wounds on their bodies suggests a rogue mage is to blame. The ruling council has asked Carahil to find the murderer and bring him or her to justice. The council dispatched battlemages to the Brina Cross Inn, curiously the same inn that the gate was outside of, but they are awaiting her orders before acting. Carahil instructed me to go back to the Inn, present myself as a merchant, and introduce myself covertly to a Arielle Jurard, who is waiting for an "assistant" of Carahil's.

No doubt due to the recent murders the Inn was nearly deserted, aside from the battlemages only another Altmer is staying alongside me tonight. She introduced herself as Caminalda and asked my business on the road, so I told her I was a merchant of small, shiny things, so she likely thinks I am either a merchant or a thief. Not that it matters. Arielle told me to rent a room and that she would visit me secretly at midnight tonight to tell me what the plan is. Apparently things have progressed further than Carahil was aware.

Midnight is not for several hours still, so I will get what rest I can and earn my recommendation soon enough.

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