Monday, September 28, 2015

Oblivion Day 42 - My Constant Errands

9 Frost Fall, 3E433

As allowed I only slept for a few hours before resuming my journey to Bruma. Without a horse I have been reduced to trudging along the road on foot, but it is nice to not be rushing from one place to another.

It was already well into the afternoon when I arrived at Bruma and Martin was still buried in his books at Cloud Ruler Temple.
He told me I have the soul of a hero and assured me that he would not damage the armor during its use, though I can honestly say I do not care what happens to the armor after we no longer need it. Jauffre will probably put it back in Sancre Tor or, more likely, have me do it.

During my absence the Mysterium Xarxes had divulged another one of its secrets. With the blood of a Divine in our possession, Martin now needed me to acquire something called a 'Great Welkynd Stone' from an Ayleid ruin. I do not know much about the Ayleids or their Welkynd Stones, let alone a 'Great' one. Martin explained that regular Welkynd Stones are fairly common inside of Ayleid ruins, but 'Great' Welkynd Stones were always rare things and exceedingly so now that most of them have been plundered.

Rumors told of a Great Welkynd Stone in an Ayleid ruin between Skingrad and Kvatch named 'Miscarcand'. It was one of the great Capitals of the Ayleid civilization before its fall and all that have gone into the ruin after the Stone have never come back out. Martin had heard rumors that the spirit of an Ayleid king still wandered the ruin's halls and this would certainly account for the disappearance of Miscarcand's would-be robbers, if such a rumor is true. I cannot say it will surprise me to find that it is after freeing the spirits of the Blades in Sancre Tor. However I do think the King will be a great deal less pleased to find me plundering his last 'Great' Stone.

I purchased yet another horse outside of Bruma and started the ride back to Skingrad. Like before I found no new Oblivion gates, no bandits, and no monsters, a stark contrast to the road between Leyawiin and Cheydinhal. 

I arrived at Skingrad late into the night and rented a room at the West Weald Inn. And this has been the whole of my day. Had Martin known earlier that he would need this stone of the Ayleid I need not have wasted today walking and riding between cities. Oh well. Tomorrow I will descend into this Miscarcand, find the Stone (if it exists), and possibly fight the spirit of an Ayleid king. I wish I could say that would make for an interesting day, but all of that is starting to become depressingly typical. 

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