Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oblivion Day 38 - The Reinforcement of Bruma, Part 1

5 Frost Fall, 3E433

The first night in my new home was a pleasant one and I appreciated the calm and quiet a morning in an Inn certainly does not bring. Before leaving for the ruin of Sancre Tor to recover the blood of Tiber Septim I thought to visit Jauffre and let him know about the success of the Bruma guard in closing Bruma's gate to Oblivion.

Typical of the man, he was not cheered by the news of success, but weighted down by the worry of something else. While appreciative of the idea that Bruma's guardsmen could close a gate or two on their own, he was worried about the forces of Oblivion converging on the city in order to eliminate Martin. To that end, he asked me to travel to each of the province's cities (again!) and speak to the rulers about sending soldiers to bolster Bruma's garrison. Jauffre spoke of something he called a 'Great Gate', something that has not yet been explained to me. Perhaps it is this thing that leveled the town of Kvatch, perhaps not. Whatever the case, Jauffre feared that an opening of this special Gate outside of Bruma would overwhelm the city and mean doom for Martin and his Blades.

So away it is to each of the cities of Cyrodiil, once again. 

I decided to follow the same route I did when I was closing the city Gates and rooting out the agents of the Mythic Dawn. After a brief stop at Bruma's blacksmith I set off for Chorrol. The ride was uneventful and as usual, very rainy. In fact, it only started raining once I was on my horse. As soon as I got off my horse in Chorrol the rain abruptly stopped. The Gods truly have a twisted sense of humor.
Countess Arriana was happy to send assistance to Bruma, exclaiming that it was the least she could do in exchange for my having closed the city's Gate already. I can only hope the rest of the rulers are as appreciative.

The ride from Chorrol to Skingrad was much more pleasant and also uneventful. I found no additional Gates, nor encountered much in the way of banditry. I can only surmise that my efforts in destroying the Mythic Dawn have paid off, at least in this area of the province.
Unfortunately it was late into the evening when I arrived at Skingrad and the elusive Count had apparently gone to bed already. So there is nothing left for me to do here but retire for the night and visit him in the morning. I could have ridden through the night into Anvil, but I see no reason to push myself that hard yet. The lack of open Gates between Bruma and Skingrad suggests that I have bought myself some time and I intend to make use of it while I still can.

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