Monday, September 14, 2015

Oblivion Day 40 - The Reinforcement of Bruma, Part 3

7 Frost Fall, 3E433

Much was done today, much was gained, and not much was lost. My goal was to meet with the rulers of Bravil and Leyawiin to secure their support of Bruma and this was done.

The ride from Skingrad to Bravil was quick and without incident. Fitting for Bravil, Count Regulus introduced himself by saying he was a very busy man and that he doubted I had anything of use to say to him. It seems being rude is a requirement to be a Count in Cyrodiil. His demeanor changed as soon as the guard next to him whispered something in his ear. Then he was greeting me cordially as the savior of his "fine city" for having closed Bravil's Oblivion gate.
Such was his gratitude that he promised the aid of Captain Viera Lerus, Captain of Bravil's guards.

It was still afternoon as I left Bravil and I arrived at Leyawiin as dusk approached. Count Marius was still holding court, so I spoke to him briefly as well. He was much more reasonable than Count Regulus and swore to send help to Bruma, stating that it was Leyawiin's duty to the Empire to do so.

I left Leyawiin with the intention of stopping at the Imperial Bridge Inn, but after only a few minutes of riding I was quite displeased to find a new, open Oblivion gate resting against the river. It was too late in the day to close it, so I made a note of it and moved on. Again, just past Panther River, was another opened Oblivion gate.
Everywhere else I have failed to find new Gates, but along the road between Leyawiin and Cheydinhal I found a total of three open Gates. Either I have failed to eliminate Mythic Dawn agents in the cities or there is some other force at work opening these things. 

I was "ambushed" by a trio of Spriggans in-between the second and third Gates and when I dismounted to fight them my faithful horse bolted, fleeing back down the road towards Leyawiin. I was too preoccupied with not being killed to chase after him and when my battle against the plant-people was over my horse was likely halfway back to the city. I had no choice but to continue to Cheydinhal on foot.

Being on foot made it much easier to travel off the road and my combat temporarily dispelled my fatigue, so I pressed on past the Imperial Bridge Inn and turned off the road just after the remains of some farmhouses whose construction appeared to have stopped midway. Halfway from the road to Cheydinhal I found the third open Oblivion Gate and like the others I passed it by, noting its location on my map.

I doubt I will be returning to them any time soon. The armor Martin needs in Sancre Tor may hold the key to closing the Gates forever and the land is becoming increasingly dangerous to travel. How bandits are arming themselves with Dwemer and Elvish equipment is beyond my knowledge and the roads are not being patrolled as they once were. Spending a day closing these three Gates will mean little if three more will be opened once I leave. 

It was past midnight when I finally stood before Cheydinhal's gate and I am not sorry for waking the proprietor of the Newlands Lodge Inn for a room. This is the last city I need to visit, so tomorrow morning I shall resolve my business here and then head straight for the ruin of Sancre Tor. 

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