Wednesday, May 13, 2015


20 Evening Star
Caius Cosades

Fishing between the islands of Solstheim and Vvardenfell proved just as lucrative as our informant assured us it would be. We caught two fish, one of which we threw back into the sea. Nets spread in Ald'ruhn and the Redoran stronghold of Indarys manor have dredged up additional valuables. See enclosed list.

Per your orders, our catch will be delivered to the Imperial Prision in Cyrodiil.

Your faithful servant,



  1. Thank you :) !

  2. And on to Oblivion! I toyed with the idea of giving Kerra some sort of amnesia going into the next game, but decided against it. Instead, she's doomed to spend a bitter six years in prison before fate springs her out into the world once again.

    The play-through of Morrowind was semi-blind. I had beaten it before, as well as Tribunal, some years ago as a Pilgrim character. I say "semi-blind" because I encountered and found a lot of new things during this go-around than I had in my first attempt. I found a lot of powerful, potentially game-breaking artifacts, none of which I had found during any gameplay of Morrowind prior to this. The discovery was a lot of fun and I certainly enjoyed writing this blog, even though it took a lot longer than I originally anticipated.

    At no point during the game did I ever cheat or god-mode my way through, unless I was re-loading a saved game specifically to capture a screenshot I really wanted to include in the post.

    Now we are moving on to Oblivion. I've already played the first day, so hopefully I will have a Day 1 post soon. For anyone reading this, I do hope you enjoyed the Morrowind portion and that you'll enjoy the Oblivion one as well.


    1. Congratulations on wrapping up Morrowind. I've only played Oblivion, so I might actually read some of these posts. :)

    2. Thanks! I'm actually playing Oblivion blind, I went from Morrowind to Skyrim originally. I'm finding Oblivion is a much quicker game and that is reflected in my much denser posting schedule.