Monday, May 25, 2015

Oblivion Day 4 - Assault Upon Weynon Priory

31 Last Seed, 3E433
Weynon Priory

After a grueling day yesterday which started the day before, I was prepared only to sleep after the battle for Kvatch. I curled up on my bedroll before dusk yesterday and woke this morning with the moon still high over the horizon.
I woke my ward and we cautiously moved out of the camp and to the road leading through Skingrad and back to the monastery. Leaving early wound up being a good choice and we arrived at Skingrad just as the sun was beginning to rise. My man thought it a good idea to purchase horses to make the trip quicker and I agreed, but the price the Skingrad stable-master was asking was far too steep for my pockets, so it was on our own pairs of feet that we crossed through the city and proceeded towards the monastery.

We came upon the cave with the skulls in front of it that I passed two days ago and I decided that we had made good enough time to afford me to keep my vow. My ward did not want to follow me into the cave, so he stayed outside while I gently eased the door open and crept inside.

The cave looked to have been a silver mine at one point and I even was able to pry a few nuggets of silver from veins along the cavern wall, but it had also been overrun by goblins and I had my work ahead of me in clearing them all out, just like the last time I was in this province, so very long ago. There was not much of interest in either the goods I found or the battles there that I fought, so let it suffice for me to write here that I won the day (of course), cleared the mine of goblins, made the road a little safer, and was back outside and walking towards the monastery just before what may have been supper time.

I began to regret my decision to clear out the old mine when it started to grow dark while we were still on the road. By the time we finally could see the monastery it was at the limit of our night-vision, for it was very late into the evening. I heard the sound of someone rapidly approaching and motioned for both of us to hide on the side of the road, but I recognized the figure running towards us as one of the groundskeepers of the monastery.

With barely a pause in to his retreat he breathlessly babbled that the monastery was under attack by strange, robed figures that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. This sounded familiar, so I and my ward charged into the monastery, engaging three men dressed in the same garb as the Emperor's assassins. They fell quickly, but not before one of the monks lay dead before them. Sounds of fighting could be heard from the chapel, so I ran there, only to find that Jauffre managed to dispatch four assassins all his own.

He suspected the true aim of the attack was to steal the Amulet of Kings, but he was confident that it was safe in the secret room he had hidden it in. However, after thoroughly searching the room we had to face the unfortunate truth: the enemy, whomever they are, was now in possession of the Amulet. On the other hand, I did deliver the true heir safely to Jauffre, so we did have that going for us.

But the monastery was no longer safe. The heir and I are now to travel to a fortress near Bruma which serve as the headquarters of the Empire's Blades. It is likely the safest place in the entire Empire right now, but Bruma is no short distance away. I need  to rest before rushing off yet again to another possible enemy ambush. Tomorrow, just like this morning, I will set out early for Bruma and this secret fortress of the Blades. Perhaps afterwards I will finally have some time for myself.

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