Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Morrowind Day 127 - Within His Palace, He Mourns

19 Evening Star
Today was not a day of great activity, but one of much import nonetheless. Almalexia's death at my hands does not weigh as heavily as I feared it might and I am sure King Helseth will move quickly to consolidate his power over the late god's people. 

My business was with the sole remaining member of the Tribunal, Lord Vivec. Though I suspected he likely had some way of knowing of Almalexia's death the instant it happened, I still felt I could offer the former god a re-telling of her final moments. 
He greeted me cordially and asked how I was doing in my new role as Morrowind's savior. When I asked him about Almalexia, he said that the two of them had stopped talking many years ago and that he feared what she would do now that the divinity granted by the Heart of Lorkhan has been lost.

Vivec accepted the news of his friends' deaths rather calmly, simply stating that Sotha Sil's murder and Almalexia's defeat were "very sad". But he viewed their fates as inevitable now that their immortality had been taken from them...and conferred on to me. He asked that I remember all three of them not as were at the end, but rather at the beginning, steeped in glory and the nobility of the pact they strode forwards to make with Morrowind. 

Considering I am viewed in Morrowind as the reincarnation of a Dunmer the Tribunal killed during that stride forwards, I am not sure how to take his words. But he smiled and bowed, dismissing me gracefully as he folded himself into a pose I suppose he found meditative. 

Azura suggested that Vivec's life is not to be a long one now, but I have no reason to suspect he will not disappear from this world as suddenly as the others. But I do think we two are no longer involved with one another and I suspect he is just as grateful about this as I am.

For me, the world waits, I suppose. For now I will return to Solstheim tomorrow and see what requires doing for Raven Rock. I am sure there is at least one thing awaiting my attention. As for after that...I do not yet know.

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