Saturday, April 18, 2015

Morrowind Day 125 - Training Day

17 Evening Star
A very rare, peaceful day today. I had planned yesterday on going back to Solstheim this morning, but when I woke I found I could not bring myself to return once again to Vivec, then to Ebonheart, and finally to the island.

I spent the day instead in Balmora, selling what goods I had on me and training with Estirdalin to improve my skill with my Illusion and Alternation spells. After many hours of practice, she finally admitted that I had grown to be about as good as she was and that she doubted she could be of any useful assistance to me.

Lord Nerevar's blade should be done tomorrow and I shall find out what I am to do with it then. I do hope my involvement with Almalexia is drawing to a close, for something about her is making me increasingly wary.

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