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Morrowind Day 93 - Wandering about for Mehrunes Dagon

16 Sun's Dusk
The Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon had hinted that the dagger I was to find was somewhere in a tomb near Molag Mar, the small outpost on the south coast. I certainly have no great love for Daedra, be they good or evil, but there is a certain excitement in dealing with such a powerful entity.

As exciting as it might be, fulfilling his request is not a high priority, but I decided to explore any tombs I found south of Falensarano while on my way to Molag Mar. If one of them held the item that the Daedric Prince was seeking, then so be it. One day I am swearing an oath not to waste any more time visiting tombs, the next I am scouring each one I find for a ruined dagger.

Falensarano sits right in front of the 'gate' into the southern ashland leading to a path that winds and curls around the side of the foyoda to the west, occasionally interrupted by pools of lava bubbling to the surface. The land itself is just as dead as up north, consisting mostly of ash and a few hardy plants whose leaves pose almost as much danger as the cliff racers that constantly flit about the rocks laying about. 

Fortunately the weather was calm and spotting the tomb doors carved into the hillsides was not a difficult task. I came across the first tomb almost as soon as I left the fortress and it was quite an interesting encounter.

Initially the tomb seemed to be identical to most of those that I have visited: skeletal guardians, dozens of urns, and maybe a gem or two laying around. Never anything grand. That this tomb would end up being different was hinted at by the rather recent corpse in one of the first rooms. Whoever he had been, the man (or woman I suppose) died in a rather explosive manner, for the remains of clothing and armor was plastered on the wall opposite the body along with a great deal of greasy black ash. Only the bones, blackened by the magical discharge, and a short sword remained intact. How the robber met his end was no mystery, for the door the corpse was laying in front of was trapped with a powerful lightning enchantment. The thief must have tripped the enchantment, instantly killing him. I, of course, simply disarmed the trap.

It is just as well that the man made it only as far as he did. The door opened to the largest chamber of the tomb which was occupied by an Orc clad entirely in Bonemold and surprisingly wielding a magical staff. He attacked me immediately, roaring a battle-cry as he charged at me, but the staff failed to register the blows he must have thought he was dealing. It is a rather light weapon and not one suited for a wielder as powerful as my opponent. A normal staff would likely have shattered harmlessly against my armor.

I could not tell what the staff is enchanted with, but I am taking it with me to have Galbedir identify it, along with many other items. By the time I find myself back in Balmora I shall be emptying a sack of equipment upon her desk. 

Keeping to the hillside I continued south from the tomb and passed a Dwemer ruin perched dangerously close to a large pit of lava. The guardian statues did not seem at all concerned and having sworn off of Dwemer ruins for life, neither was I.
Further to the south was the Dwemer ruins where I had destroyed a group of vampires and found my Dreugh cuirass. Was it weeks ago? Months? I cannot remember, but there was no point in retracing steps already taken. I instead headed east past an abandoned mine and a Telvanni tower and slew a female Daedra with my bow from across a river of lava.
Continuing south around the lava I found my final tomb for the day, but it did not provide me the dagger I have spent the day looking for. Instead, it provided another crazy person in Bonemold armor who needlessly and fatally attacked me. This one was a Nord wearing an unusual helmet: a troll's skull, probably taken from a troll in Skyrim. His skull-helm is powerfully enchanted as well, but with a Conjuration effect that I have no chance of understanding at all. Another item for Galbedir, but what am I supposed to do with all of these things afterwards?

I had hoped to reach Molag Mar within the day, but the sun had retreated when I left the tomb with the troll's skull slapping against my pack. The camp of the chaotic Erabenimsun tribe was directly to the east of the tomb and very close, but I did not know what sort of welcome I would receive there.

The welcome was rather friendly actually and I was able to get some of my equipment repaired by one of the local warriors before settling in at the wise woman's tent for the night. She had little to say to me other than a solemn reminder of my duty to go to Red Mountain and confront Dagoth Ur and I could do little but assure her that my duty has not been forgotten.

There is only one path for me tomorrow and it still leads to Molag Mar. I will continue to explore any tombs I find along the way, but if I do not find Mehrunes Dagon's dagger then he will have to find some other errand-adventurer to fetch his artifact, powerful though it may be.

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