Thursday, June 5, 2014

Morrowind Day 91 - A Brief Interlude

14 Sun's Dusk
I overslept this morning for the first time since joining the Auxiliaries years ago. I suppose I needed it and perhaps even deserved it, but it felt strange to wake up closer to lunch than sunrise. As it was, I left Dagon Fel at ten in the morning according to the innkeeper, still feeling fatigued.

It is a good thing then that today was so uneventful. I walked across the water towards the mainland, bidding a certain and final farewell to Sheogorad  and encountered nothing save for some floating debris from a ship long claimed by the sea.
Like most Telvanni settlements, Tel Mora is more plant than village, requiring excellent balance to walk along the vines that serve as stairs and levitation should one wish to speak to the eccentric Telvanni councilor, Mistress Dratha, which I did not. 

Speaking as a Khajiit, there is not much to recommend visiting the Telvanni aside from their apothecaries, which are always well-stocked. True to my recent luck, the local trader had an unexplained infestation in the form of a Corpus-infected man that the shopkeeper had managed to trap in her personal quarters above the store. How he got there was not something the Bosmer female wanted to explain, perhaps he had been a friend she hoped to cure or maybe she had been hoping to harvest the poor creature's flesh to sell.

Whatever her motive and method, the shopkeeper Berwen wanted the thing gone and asked if I would be willing to do the deed. The task was simple and my target was a few seconds away, so I agreed. It proved even easier than I thought, for she had done an excellent job in barricading her staircase with crates. With no way to leave, the Corpus-man continually moaned and lunged at me ineffectively as I mounted the stairs. One merciful strike from my spear ended it's non-life and I dragged the corpse into the water outside, where it was devoured by slaughterfish.
Berwen was very appreciative of my small effort and gave me a steep discount on her wares, most of which I purchased in an attempt to mix health restoratives, which I am always low of. My novice efforts did not amount to much result, but I felt that the experience gained in the art made the cost worthwhile.

After spending an hour in Berwen's shop mixing my potions, I visited the actual apothecary and purchased more ingredients and from the blacksmith I bought some repair equipment.

And that was my entire day. It started late and I am ending it early, for it is barely eight in the evening and I am turning in for the night. I sought only to escape Sheogorad today and prepare for my expedition further south, both of which I have accomplished. Tomorrow I shall concentrate my effort inland, south of the Zainab tribal camp. The fortress of Falensarano guards the passage into the southern ashland and will likely be a great advantage to me in the future if I can ensure it remains clear of slavers and cultists. This will be my priority for the next day and as such I do not expect to cover a great deal of distance tomorrow, probably lodging either with the Zainab or at Sadrith Mora and hopefully seeing Suran before the week is out.

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