Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Skyrim Day 002 - Around Riverwood

18 Last Seed, 4E201

I woke at Riverwood's 'Sleeping Giant' inn at about six in the morning, had a quick breakfast, and headed out to see what I could do around the town.

My first thought was to search the riverside for fish and fish eggs, but as I crept along the bank I noticed a large deer on the other side. Thinking myself a skilled hunter, I drew back an arrow and let fly..striking the rock the deer was standing upon.
With that, the hunt was on! The deer fled and I followed it back across the river and into the hills north of Riverwood. As I was attempting to sneak closer to my prey, the howling of wolves sounded very close and the deer ran off, quickly pursued by three wolves. I stayed still hoping to avoid the wolves' notice, but once the deer disappeared into the trees the wolves stopped their chase and turned on me instead.

Fortunately, a traveling Bard calling himself 'Talsgar the Wanderer' happened to be walking along the nearby road and came to my assistance against the wolves. After dispatching our hungry foes we talked for a bit and he invited me to take what I liked from the wolves, declaring that he had no use for such things. I gladly took him up on his offer, slinging three wolf pelts into a sack I had purchased from the innkeeper this morning.

I continued along the road towards Helgen, keeping my eyes and ears open for alchemy ingredients or small animals. Instead of either of those things, I found two large animals charging at me, one swinging a two-handed sword, the other a sword and shield.
The battle was more difficult than perhaps it should have been. It has been decades since I have even served as a bodyguard and longer since fighting something wielding weapons against me. I am clearly very much "out of practice", though I did emerge victorious owing to the bandit with the two-handed sword accidentally killing his companion. My thanks to his enthusiasm.

A complete suit of iron armor from one of the bandits was my reward for surviving as well a surprise in the form of an enchanted medallion, the manner of enchantment being something I need to still investigate. The armor alone is worth far more than a few deer, let alone the medallion. I may have to sell the jewelry at a larger town, but the armor will likely find a buyer in Riverwood.

I killed a fox further down the road and investigated a dirt path leading up into the hillside, but a woman standing at the end of the road warned me away and I did not feel like making an enemy of someone for the sake of my curiosity.
With no set goal in mind I figured to head back to Riverwood and exchange the armor for some coin. On my way back I came across another deer and decided to try my luck once again. My shot was true, but it failed to kill or incapacitate the beast, so I was forced to follow it as it fled into one of Helgen's open gates.
The town has been completely destroyed. I followed the deer through ruined houses and over smoldering rubble, finally cornering it at the town's Keep, which looked to be fairly undamaged. Its hide, antlers, and meat will fetch a good price in town.

Soon it began to grow dark so I walked back to Riverwood, shooting a hare on my way, and put in an hour's work chopping wood. One of the operators of the lumber mill, a Nord named 'Hod', bought the wood at two Septims each.

Hadvar's uncle Alvor is interested in purchasing the bandit's iron armor from me, but asked that the transaction wait until tomorrow and suggested that if I was interested in the trade, that I craft an iron dagger for him. I agreed in order to refresh my skill at armor and weapon maintenance, one of the many skills I used to practice that have wilted away in the previous decades.

I managed to make what I judged to be a fairly effective weapon and returned it to him at the Inn. He declared that it looked fine, but then requested that I sharpen the edge some more. I will attend to that task in the morning.

I am hoping that I can secure clothing other than my Imperial Legion leathers, for I do not wish to appear conspicuous or that I have chosen a side in Skyrim's civil war. Simple hide armor should be either available here or within my ability to craft, so I shall make that a priority tomorrow.

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