Thursday, April 24, 2014

Morrowind Day 86 - Along the Northern Shore

9 Sun's Dusk
Previous to today I have already spent enough time in the northern wasteland to know the chances of finding anything was pretty slim. The air was so humid and foggy this morning that even the sun had no hope of burning any of it away. It just hung in the grey sky, stoically illuminating what it could.
The trip was unpleasant enough with the weather, so I count myself fortunate that I ran into no trouble between Gnisis and the camp of the Urshilaku tribe. The stone walls of the foyada forced me to briefly walk across the water past the wrecked ship I explored some time ago. I could not remember if there was anything useful inside, so I passed it by.
Owing to being on the other side of the hills, the weather was remarkably clear on east bank of the foyada, giving me an excellent view of the Daedric ruin the Urshilaku built their camp near so as to test their warriors. Personally I think living so close to such a place is foolish, but the Ahemmusa follow the same practice, so it must make more sense to the Ashlanders.

Clear weather or no, there was no mistaking the lumbering bulk of the Ogrim shambling back and forth in front of the ruined shrine. This was only the third one I have so far encountered on Vvardenfell and it was far enough away that I decided to try using my short bow to fire steel arrows at it so as to see how effective my 'simple' weapons are against Daedra.
My bow was very effective against the lumbering giant, mostly due to it being near impossible to miss such a large target. I was able to shoot the lighter weapon much quicker than my Daedric bow and the creature quickly found that knees full of arrows makes for an uncomfortable walk. Thus crippled, the Ogrim fell to a well-placed thrust of my spear. 

I surprised a Clannfear Daedra in much the same way, but I could only fire two arrows before it was upon me. The battle felt almost routine and it was over quickly. It is sobering to think that just three months ago a duo of Nix-Hounds posed a considerable threat and now I fight Daedra and their Dremora cousins with a regularity that would have terrified most of the Auxiliaries. It may be a swampy and dusty wasteland, but Vvardenfell is an effective, and harsh, teacher.

The Urshilaku welcomed me as one of their own, eagerly purchasing my spare ingredients and equipment I have been liberating off of my unfortunate foes. They got great deals owing to the combination of my desire to lighten my inventory and their light purses and slim inventories. I sold a battle axe crafted in the Orcish style for just over two hundred coins, though I could have gotten at least five times the price in Balmora or Ald'ruhn. But weight is a formidable enemy in the wastelands and the axe was doing me no benefit other than to smack me in the leg every third step.

A dust storm had kicked up while I was busy enriching the Urshilaku tribe and I was completely engulfed in dust after I left the trader's tent. I knew my progress was going to be very slow as long as the storm continued, but I planned on retreating to the coast if the storm was too bad inland.

One advantage of the ash wastes is that the hostile wildife generally finds the area just as unpleasant and I generally do not encounter many creatures. I did pass by the desiccated corpse of a long-dead Silt Strider, but found little else of interest outside.
My only find today was of an ancestral tomb overlooking the shore just before the Daedric ruin near the Ahemmusa tribe's campsite. I investigated the tomb and had a surprising encounter with a Dunmer woman who claimed to be the 'apprentice' of the Ahemmusa wisewoman. She rudely rebuffed my inquiries and demanded that I leave her alone and flee the tomb immediately. I did so only because it would be very easy to verify the woman's claim. If I find that she lied, she will be receiving a much ruder visit from me in the future.

I reached the Ahemmusa's tiny camp just as the sun began to set. While I am acknowledged as the Nerevarine, I am simply not as comfortable among the Ahemmusa as I am with the Urshilaku who I am more familiar with, or the Zainab, who are more genial and accepting of outsiders. I exchanged enough words with the wisewoman to be polite and asked about renting a sleeping mat for the night. She offered one of her own, which I have accepted with some trepidation.

I am not sure what my goal is tomorrow. Logic dictates a turn south towards Sadrith Mora, but there are the Telvanni islands to the north that I have yet to explore fully. Perhaps I shall flip a coin after breakfast.

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