Saturday, February 22, 2014

Morrowind Day 79 - A Relaxing Walk Around Ghostfence

2 Sun's Dusk
Yesterday I had attempted a walk around Ghostfence starting towards Ghostgate and following the barrier around Red Mountain. I did not get far due to my lack of knowledge about the terrain coupled with a Blight storm, courtesy no doubt, of Dagoth Ur.

This morning I started in the opposite direction: away from Ghostgate and towards the outpost of Maar Gan, where I had hoped that the land would be more navigable in that direction. The journey started as they usually do lately, with me fighting off blighted creatures as I struggle forwards. This morning was particularly cruel, for the creatures I faced looked to have been simple men once, but the Blight had twisted them into mindless, savage monsters. They lacked the cunning aggression of the servants of the Sixth House, so I assume these three men were unfortunate victims of an infected animal, maybe a blighted rat or Nix Hound. 

I found two of them before reaching Kogoruhn and the third afterwards. I hope their deaths released them from the torture their lives had been transformed into.

I made good time and passed Kogoruhn fortress by early afternoon. Exploring it today was tempting, but I promised myself I would return tomorrow and walked past, eventually coming to a path I had not noticed before leading closer to Ghostfence.
The path curved upwards and crossed several small chasms by way of old and seemingly unreliable rope bridges. It was after the second rope bridge that I released the third Blighted man from his terrible fate.
Even a Kagouti would have noticed that the Blighted men were outside Ghostfence. I am willing to allow for diseased rats and cliff racers outside of the Fence without raising much alarm, but these men plus the Daedra I have been encountering while on the plains is a sure sign that there is a breach somewhere in the Temple's holy barricade.
Thankfully, the last rope bridge
The sky began to darken and storm as I crossed the day's final rope bridge and within minutes I was once again engulfed in a Blight storm. Fortunately the path was much easier to follow than the day before and I continued walking along the Fence, surprisingly meeting nothing along the way. I finished my patrol at Ghostgate late in the evening, having walked the entire perimeter of Ghostfence and finding nothing at all.

I believe Kogoruhn still has secrets I have yet to discover, so the finding of these is the task for tomorrow. After that, I will start visiting the coastal villages, a task I have absolutely no enthusiasm for, but one that I believe is necessary. Such is life.

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