Sunday, December 8, 2013

Morrowind Day 69 - Training Day

22 Frost Fall
My performance at Red Mountain was pretty good, but it also revealed that some of the skills I had to rely on are lacking, primarily my marksmanship and spell-casting. My first thought was to visit the Ald'ruhn Fighters Guild to see about training with my bow, then spend the rest of the day at the Mages Guild to work on my Alteration spell-casting, which I am far less skilled with compared to Illusion.

The visit to the Fighters Guild turned out to be a wasted trip. I could find no one able or willing to accept money in exchange for lessons with the bow and the only thing I got from them was necessary (and expensive) repairs to my equipment. The Ald'ruhn Mages Guild was no more useful for Edwinna has structured the Guild for research and scholarship rather than spell-casting. As a result few members of the Guild there are proficient enough to train others, though all of them are much more traveled than members from other Guilds. Useful for Edwinna's obsession with the Dwemer, but not very useful for me!

So it was back to Balmora yet again. I spent the morning with Marayn practicing my Alteration spells and Ajira for Alchemy, though neither were able to tell me who in Balmora would be willing to teach me how to use my bow better. On a hunch I visited the South Wall Cornerclub, the openly secret Thieves Guild headquarters, but no one there would train me either...understandably I suppose.

I stopped at Fort Moonmoth to speak with the head of the garrison, Larrius Varro. This was the man who I had been told was looking for me. Our conversation was short: he told a thinly-disguised 'story' about a magistrate (himself) who wanted to get rid of some bad people (Camonna Tong members). He basically requested that I go to the Council Club by the Silt Strider platform and murder the occupants inside. I care little for the Camonna Tong syndicate and have no doubt unknowingly slain a decent number of them already, but I am no bloodthirsty mercenary and I have larger problems and more dangerous enemies than them to worry about. Larrius hinted just as subtly that there would be a reward for such a deed, but I am passing on this one, at least for now. I will certainly reconsider should I encounter evidence that the Camonna Tong is working with the Sixth House.

On my way back to Balmora I was approached by a Sixth House madman, raving about the coming of Dagoth Ur. I wish there was something I could do for these people.

And that was it for the day, making this my shortest journal entry yet! I do need to find someone willing to teach me more about the bow and I fear only a trip to the fletcher's in Vivec will provide me with that. Traveling to that massive city always occupies most of my day and given the progress I have been making so far, I am loathe to spend more time wandering the cantons.

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